USER_LEFT listener fires only once

This is from the example code itself. The USER_LEFT event listener fires only the first time that someone leaves the conference and doesn’t fire for subsequent people leaving the meet.

    room.on(, onUserLeft);

Is this supposed to be the intended behaviour?

Also, if this is indeed the case. Are there any other events which fire up, if a remote participant leaves the meet.

@saghul any idea why this could be the case ? For now I can use the TRACK_REMOVED event listener instead, but the only issue is that it fires sometime after the user has left ( which is understandable since it’s waiting for the tracks to be removed, and has nothing really to do with the user ). However I would really like a solution which works instantly after someone leaves the meet.

Are you disconnecting from the meeting, or just remote participants?

Sorry for the late response. But here’s whats happening
Let’s say I am logged in to the meet from 3 different instances, and I exit from one instances. The USER_LEFT event fires for the other two. However when I leave again ( from one the two remaining instances ). I do not see the event listener firing for the final instance.

my USER_LEFT has the following line inside it.

    console.log("id that just left is",id);

This fires for the first participant that leaves the meet, but for subsequent participants, I do not see such a message. Hopefully I made it clear.