User is having connectivity issues


Recently my users started experiencing issues with connectivity issues (see screenshots attached). I thought it was because we didn’t use the latest stable version but today we have updated and we are still facing similar issues.

I have seen this happening on both TURN and P2P situations. In both cases there were no issues with the network (the screenshots show no loss and enough bandwidth) so I cannot find a reason for this to happen.

In short, users can see each other in black and white (video) with the message on top which is very annoying. After some time (1 or 2 minutes), in some occasions, it seems to recover.

Having that said, any hints? Also, is there a way to disable that “user is having connectivity issues” message?

Thanks in advance,

One way media only (NAT issues) after upgrade

Are the clients on wireless or wired network? Especially the p2p case means there maybe some connectivity problems.
There is no opption to disable this, rather than just freezing the video the message explains why the video had freezed.


The thing is… the video does not freeze… simply turns black and white and this image overlays. Please note this happens not only in P2P but also TURN. Any chance this can be cause by our TURN setup?

On most cases customers are using wireless. But the same test on Jitsi servers works just fine, which indicates a config issue. Are you using coturn on your setup? Are there any special configs or logs I could be looking at?


Yep we are using coturn. Hum that is strange when it doesn’t freeze bug goes black and white.
Hey @Pawel_Domas when do we show that message and making the video black and white?


It sounds like a bug if the video is not frozen


yes, the video keeps working as usual, just on black and white. How can I help with the debug? Which logs would you need?


We see this in our environment as well (super basic install on digital ocean). Let us know if you need anything from us also?


Hey @Jose_Simoes , out of curiosity do you also see issues with download speed getting really slow? I noticed on one of your screenshots you only had 348kbps download.

Reason I ask is we also see this on my network, very poor download speeds for no apparant reason. But upload is still great.



Well, not sure why… it’s strange given that its a local network and clients are connected P2P. Perhaps some config on the server.

Will wait for further feedback or directions to dig deeper.


JS console logs from a session with this problems would be a good start. It would be ideal if captured soon after the issue occurred.


I was able to fix this issues. Apparently the issues was around the turn server. I was using an old version. Updating to the latest stable worked. Raised a new problem but I will create a separate issue for that.


I have the same problem

the video does not freeze…but shows the connectivity issue message and turn black.

@Jose_Simoes, Can you kindly tell me how to fix this?

JVB: 0.1.1079


Which version of coturn do you use now?


I don’t believe this is merely a coturn issue or due to bad bandwidth.

In fact it seems lots of people are experiencing this issue.

See issue 3528


Version Coturn-


No, I don’t think this is coturn issue, I had seen it few days ago on a p2p deployment without turn. We will look at the problem next week.


Thanks @damencho, waiting for your feedback.


The fix is in the master:


@Havid_Zheng @Jose_Simoes @pdarcos can you update to jitsi-meet from unstable build 3378 it should contain the fix.


I had the same problem and I resolved by changing the / etc / hosts file, in the installation Debian was created an entry with the external IP, I changed to instead of the external IP and it worked normally.