User "is having connectivity issue” while screen-sharing and switching tabs

This issue is reproducible on Jitsi meet website, and our website. How to reproduce:

  1. User A shares screen (select Entire Screen option)
  2. User A switches his current browser tab to another tab, or another window
  3. User B sees “User A is having connectivity issue”

After having connectivity issue, if User A switches back to his Jitsi Meet tab, it will work again. Please look into this ASAP.

Tested with Macs & Chromes.

Can you give some more details on how to reproduce please? Do you
share the entire screen, an application, or a tab? What OS and browser
versions do you have? Does it happen every time, or approximately how
often? Can you think of anything else that may be related?

I tried a few times and was unable to reproduce.


Hi, yes, I selected the Entire Screen. It happened about 20% on Jitsi Meet website, and 100% on our website.

OS: Mac, browser: Chrome version 77.0.3865.90. But here’s the interesting observations that were unfolded:

Tested with 2 machines:
User A (Mac) shared screen to User B (Mac): Failed
User A (Mac) shared screen to User B (Windows): Worked
User A (Windows) shared screen to User B (Mac): Worked

Tested with 3 machines:
User A (Mac) shared screen to User B (Mac) and User C (Windows): Failed
User A (Windows) shared screen to User B (Mac) and User C (Mac): Worked

UPDATE: I tested all the screen sharing options with Firefox and it worked fine. Furthermore if I test in Chrome with sharing Tabs or Windows options it’d work fine as well. It’s only when you share Entire Screen and switched tabs (or windows) then it’d crap out.

What is the screen size that you share?

I have 2 Macbook Pros so it’s 15inch, the Windows is also 15in.

What is your server bandwidth capabilities?

We have 4Cores, 16G RAM. Again, when we tested this with Firefox, everything worked fine. Also, as I mentioned above, the current Jitsi Meet website is also affected, though the result is not consistently reproducible.

Any update guys? What else you need, pls let me know