User interface improvements in Android app: eliminate the double negatives; use checkboxes

Hi. I just installed Jitsi Meet Android app on my tablet via F-Droid, version 20.0.3.

For the 2 Advanced Settings, they are phrased in terms of Disable, so when the toggle switch is off, the feature is actually enabled. This is needlessly complicated and confusing, for absolutely no advantage (that I can think of). Can you phrase them in terms of “Enable” and modify the defaults accordingly? So e.g. change “Disable native call integration” to “Enable native call integration” and make it default to off.

Also, I HATE toggle switches. Can you change them to checkboxes? Toggle switches are needlessly complicated and confusing for absolutely no advantage (that I can think of). Checkboxes are completely clear, unambiguous and have no disadvantage. Toggle switches depend on color distinction to help read them and a portion of the population has color perception impairment (including me), so this is also an accessibility issue. This thread has a good discussion of the pros and cons of checkboxes versus toggle switches, FYI: