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I’m completely new to Jitsi, though I have previously read about the Jitsi desktop software as I was looking for an alternative to Skype under Windows. However, I noticed that it seems to be preferable nowadays to use within a compatible web browser instead. But I’m trying to find a general user’s guide for on and I can’t seem to find anything. If it is available, where can I view it? I have already reviewed some documentation on Web-RTC standards but would be interested in some specific info on the portal. Thanks for any help for me to get started as I feel unsure about where to start.

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Sorry to say that, but there is no such description. Jitsi Meet is the preferred way of doing video meetings, peer-to-peer or multiparty, where Jitsi Desktop is the way to go using standard protocols like xmpp for chat(video calls are also available) and sip for audio and video calls.

For Jitsi Meet you just open a link in a browser and share that link with other participants and you all will be in a multi-party conference call. Mobile applications are also available for jitsi-meet.
This is a WebRTC application, all signaling communication is over https (WebRTC in the browsers does not work over http anyway) and all media between clients and the SFU server(jitsi-videobridge) are also encrypted. So any communication between clients and server are encrypted and secured.
There are plenty of readings over the Internet about WebRTC as it is an open standard.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply. My frustration with is that I have tried it with a friend using a compatible Mozilla web browser. We were both able to see each other’s web cam image but I had no idea how to operate the other controls and we were never able to see each other in a webcam conferencing mode. There are also other controls and options on the site and thing such as setting passwords, invites, etc, which I have no resource to get a clear idea of how to use. I’m not a technically inept person but when there’s no information it seems I’m just stumbling in the dark, so my experience with going on meet, isn’t just getting on and it all just suddenly worked. Obviously, there’s lots of general web-RTC resources on the net, but I couldn’t even get my browser to work on just has a first-use test.

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With flash soon to be ending all across the board by end of 2020 and only dying down from there, many html5+ etc video chats will be gaining alot more attention. So with that in mind, it would be quite useful for newcomers to have a starter guide of some sort or maybe a direction to YouTube tutorial users has made and such. If one that has ample amount of knowledge and time do so. :slight_smile:


I have taken a stab at a Quick Start guide. See this thread.