User displayed in PiP window while screen sharing as the main video?

Hello !

When a given participant is sharing his/her screen, is it possible to:

  • Have the screenshare being displayed as the main video; and
  • Have that participant’s webcam displayed in a smaller PiP window ?

(That is, achieve roughly the same result as with the older screensharing that embedded a thumbnail of the user’s webcam in the corner of the video stream - except that of course, PiP mode would be infintely more flexible !)

Currently, I seem to be able to do the opposite, that is, I can display the participant as the main video view, and do a right-click>“PiP mode” on his/her screenshare thumbnail. For some reason, I don’t see the “PiP mode” option when right-clicking on the participant’s webcam thumbnail… I’m a bit puzzled by this :°)

In my configuration files, both config.flags.sendMultipleVideoStreams and config.flags.receiveMultipleVideoStreams were set to true.

Thanks in advance for the help !

I think the reason is that for a normal thumbnail there is some element in front of the video that is hijacking the click, so when you right click you are not really hitting the video.

What that element is, I’m not sure.

From my browser’s inspector, the thumbnail that lacks the PiP menu would be a div using the class “jss23 active-speaker-indicator”, inside the span with id “localVideoContainer”, at least when I’m doing the test solo. I don’t know if that information is of any use to you?

@robertpin do we need to disable pointer events or something to the native browser menu shows up when right clicking on these tiles? Can you PTAL?

I created a PR for this fix(thumbnail) Open native video context menu by robertpin · Pull Request #12532 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Thanks Robert!