User display names are reset to default value "Fellow Jitster" when new user joins

I have installed Jitsi on Ubuntu server.
After launching conference, previously joined user Display names are shown as default value “Fellow Jitster” for newly joined user.
Is there a way to persist all the Display names correctly for the newly joined users to conference.

@damencho, Can you please help on this. Thanks in advance.

You say, that you set you display name and after a user joins it resets?

HI @damencho for my IOS app
I am able to run the app on my server. When I am only person in conference it running fine but as soon as any other person joins the conference, I get "console.error: “[module/RTC/BridgeChannels.js]”, “ :”, “Bridge Channel send: no opened channel.”

Cannot understand this problem.

@damencho Yeah, I launch the Jitsi meet using external API and set display name from my application.
When new user joins the conference, then that user see all user names as “Fellow Jitster”.

Is there a way to persist the names.

I just tested it using the sample and and it works. I load a conference, make sure I have no name, execute api.executeCommand(‘displayName’, ‘damencho’); I see my name is set correctly and I join from another window (incognito) and see the name damencho for the other participant. Reload show that this name is persisted.

@damencho, thank you for your quick response. I have updated to latest stable version. I will test the display name feature once again.

Hi @damencho,
I have update the jitsi to the latest version and issue fixed in the display name in the tile view on the right. But the issue still exists in chat box, the name is shown as “Fellow Jitster”.

Can you help me out in this issue.

Thanks in advance @damencho.

Hi @damencho,

User display names are reset to default value “Fellow Jitster” in Chat box when new user joins in to the conference.

Can you help me out in this issue.
Thanks in advance

This is fixed in latest versions of jitsi-meet.

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Thank you for the quick reply. When can we expect the latest version of jitsi-meet for stable download.



Is the latest version with a fix for this issue released?

Thank you.

What is the issue and version you tested with?

I am trying to use Jitsi meet api in my angular project - as below:

this.jitsiAPI = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(this.jitsiDomain, this.jitsiOptions);

    displayName: [this.userInfo.fullName],
    subject: [this.groupName]

However when others access the link, their name is being displayed as Fellow jitster…instead of "“Their fullname” as configured in above code.

How do I know the version? is running in aws server as docker container.
Thanks you.

Have you tried:

this.jitsiAPI..addListener("videoConferenceJoined", () => {
          displayName: [this.userInfo.fullName],
          subject: [this.groupName]