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I’d like to know how the counter of uses in the room works, I’m talking technically where I can find it in the code; is it on the react or prosody side


the counter 3 like in the is screen
Screenshot from 2022-09-16 17-02-33

There’s a prosody mode that tracks the meeting start time and sends that timestamp to every participant that joins – jitsi-meet/mod_conference_duration_component.lua at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

The client can then work out the meeting duration based on time delta against that start time.

sorry maybe I wasn’t clear but I’m not talking about the timer I’m talking about the count of user

ah sorry, my bad. You were clear. I was blind.

Looks like that’s the ParticipantCounts component which gets the value from the getParticipantCount selector. It’s essentially working out the count based on values in 'features/base/participants' state.

Meetings are XMPP MUC (multi-user chats), so this reflects the number of participants in the XMPP room - 1(jicofo) - hidden_participants (these are all authenticated via a virtual host that requires authentication and these are recorders/live-streamers(jibri) or transcribers(jigasi)).
The implementation and logic are in lib-jitsi-meet.


thanks, I see on lib-jitsi how I can apply this logic on my jitsi

 * Returns the number of participants in the conference, including the local
 * participant.
 * @param countHidden {boolean} Whether or not to include hidden participants
 * in the count. Default: false.
JitsiConference.prototype.getParticipantCount = function(countHidden = false) {
    let participants = this.getParticipants();

    if (!countHidden) {
        participants = participants.filter(p => !p.isHidden());

    // Add one for the local participant.
    return participants.length + 1;

if on my jitsi i don’t want to display jibri or jigasi how can i do that

You don’t need to change the code for that. Set in config.js to “hiddenDomain:”.
Create a virtual host for it in prosody config as explained here:
GitHub - jitsi/jibri: Jitsi BRoadcasting Infrastructure
And make sure jibri and jigasi us that domain to authenticate.
jigasi/ at 3fdc420f311d17f731befcee6b73ee71d84d05ea · jitsi/jigasi · GitHub

you are right,

I’m tired, it’s the end of the week,

thanks for your help as usual