User connection limit on one Meet server (NGINX+PROSODY+JICOFO)

Hello JItsi community,
Someone have an idea of maximum concurrent user supported supported by a single Meet server (NGINX+PROSODY+JICOFO) ?
We’re facing some Prosody limits at arounk 1k users on a Meet server.

Any custom configuration to go over this limit or the only solution is to load balance connection to multiple Meet server ?

Best Regards,

Make sure you are running latest prosody 0.11 with enabled epoll. Make sure file descriptor limits are high enough for prosody, nginx and jicofo.

Thank you Damian, prosody 0.11 with epoll and a high file descriptor limit is really better for our jicofo server.
Do you have an idea of maximum connection reach by a jicofo server in the in this time of high user load ?

Regards Damien

depends what you mean … connection to the nginx … or you mean connection to the prosody … I cannot give you an approximate number, don’t remember, but was pretty high. We also switched to use websocket, which we think also make things better, as it is one constant connection, where bosh polling is constantly creating new connections … but this requires latest jitsi-meet changes and enabling stream resumptions in prosody. I think at some point @Pawel_Domas will write an md file with some description of enabling it.