User complaining about Safari disconnecting

At the last two math events I organized (June and July) at, a user complained that Safari would disconnect them every 20-30 minutes. They were able to reconnect easily, but it was a bit disruptive.

How could this happen?

OK, the network could be that flaky, but I doubt it. Their connection was otherwise pretty good. And, they used to be able to connect with Chrome with no disconnects and they don’t have the problem with Zoom).

They are using Safari as a workaround for the issue discussed at Unable to unmute/show video on Mac 11.2.2 with Chrome - #2 by mbiriki_koussai

Given that I know nothing about Macs and the user is elderly and not very computer savvy but intellectually sharp, how might we debug the problem (in case no one knows of a Safari use case that might cause it)?

They could of had more then that tab open, it happened to me when I had youtube and this on.

This is expected. Safari will throttle non-foreground tabs. If you want the meeting to work while you are doing other tasks you can use the native app instead.

This is alas a limitation inherent to mobile browsers, nothing we can do about that.