User cannot join meeting in application by clicking link (Third-Party Integration)

Hello i hope you guys are doing fine. I am stuck on a stage where moderator of the meeting shares the link and by clicking that link user joins the meeting in third party application. Now what is happening is that i can easily start the meeting and can also share the link to my friend and when my friend clicks on the link it gives two options first option is google and the other one is third party application in which jitsi is implemented after clicking the application it goes to the home page and stays on home page. I have tried deep linking and add intent filter in android manifest file (through which it is showing application option when clicking on link). My confusion is that which function should i use so that user can join the meeting ? is it call function through which the meeting was created having three parameter (url,userInfo,token) ?
or is it join having only one parameter (options) if it is join then why i have to set options defined below;

JitsiMeetConferenceOptions options = new JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.Builder()
.setServerURL(new URL(“”))

I have read documentation but cannot graps the concept of how we are defining function as i did not implemented jitsi in the application. Consider me a beginner for jitsi impelementation and please guide me through this process. Thanks in advance!

I figured it out on my own. Thanks!

Can you share the fix, please?