User cannot connect to room (Docker)

Hey , i used the docker setup to install jitsi meet (Self-Hosting Guide - Docker · Jitsi Meet Handbook). I tested the installation and was able to access the server , open a meeting and joining it. The only thing which didnt function was screensharing… as far as i understood the architecture… the screensharing is done with the videobridge , which is using websockets for the communication part… only the port 8443 is open so far, this should explain it and will be fixed by opening the specific ports, right ??

Another issue, is that an other user wasnt even able to join the meeting…

the browser console states that the browser cannot establish a connection with wss://localhost/xmpp-websocket?room=test
is this the reason ? why is he trying to connect to localhost ? Any Ideas what to check for?
by the way when configuring the system … i already set the DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS env var.

Any Help is appreciated … thanks so far

greets André

My issue was solved by configurating the Public url and the docker host Environment variable … local Host seems to be the Default … haven´t checked that in the Code … but Makes Sense … would be better to clearly state that as default in the env file IMHO