Usecase: Party with producer and a DJ -- Consultancy

following is how it’s supposed to be done:

A.) Create X number of rooms of up to 4 people
B.) In each room show whatever the producer is broadcasting (a stream shown on top)
C.) A Producer sees a shared video stream (combined of 4 persons) of every room AND the stream of the performer
D.) Performer sees stream of only the Producer

IDEAS anyone?

so far i’ve just deployed jitsi and heading into development after the architecture has been confirmed.

1.) i’d be setting up the servers at vultr, will be figuring out if there’s a possibility to scale up automatically with them.
2.) At jitsi, as per my understanding, i’d need a single customized application and then video bridges to scale up the server.
3.) Then i’d need to somehow broadcast the stream, exactly the same way as one of the 4 members in a room would see (a collective stream of all the people in the room). Also, on the UI, i’d also add a stream coming off the Producer (a single stream src).
5.) to the producer, i show him all these rooms in small windows in a single web app, while sending his stream out to every “room”.
6.) i’d also need to allow each room to keep their streams private (keep rooms private, don’t stream it out to producer or anywhere). in which case, i believe just a toggle button would do which controls sending stream to a particular server.

on a side note, i’d need the streams to be sent on my own server, so any ideas on that would help as well.



Hi Fahad_Bilal,

I am a complete n00b myself, so I might be way off base but . . .

This looks like a really cool but involved project. I suspect that there are developers who would help you with this, but would expect to be paid. You might look at the Paid-work tag or forum.

If that doesn’t appeal, you might see if the postings about how they ran their recent conference have tips that would help you do what you want to do.

Good luck!
-A. N. Mouse

Hello AnonyMouse :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind reply. Reviewing fsf and it seems like it’s what i want to do.
It may appear to be of a huge help :slight_smile:

Thank you.

p.s. looking for consultants on this as well – terms shall be discussed.

I can help if its paid work!

let’s talk on email/skype?
please email at

Hey there sir! How is the process going?

We are building out a similar setup with a focus on high fidelity audio being key! What are you going to use for streaming the data to JITSI? Are you focused on realtime audio or something more akin to Twitch?