Use TURN Server With Docker Version Of Jitsi

I’m trying to configure the Docker version of Jitsi to use a TURN server but I can’t find some of the settings mentioned in this guide:

I see somebody already asked about a year ago and there was no answer. Is this not currently possible?

We haven’t documented it, alas, but all you need to do is fill in this env vars: docker-jitsi-meet/docker-compose.yml at ae3e7e765126c8c46b3aeb229b9ce1bcfd2a048e · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub

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You are my hero! Thank you!

In the TURN guide, after the part about multiplexing it says to change the virtual host to port 4444, in Docker is that the equivalent of setting these?

# Exposed HTTP port

# Exposed HTTPS port

No, those are the HTTP(S) ports used in the container itself.