Use TURN server on port 443

maybe someone here can explain me, what exactly to do. I’m not a coder, but I try to follow all your tutorials here, and most time with success. Lot’s of my participants are part of public administration and maybe this could be a solution for them, because they have very strict firewalls.

I have a running jitsi system with JWT on Debian 10. I’m struggling with this:

You need to enable the multiplexing based on that new DNS record. You need to create a file in /etc/nginx/modules or /etc/nginx/modules-available . If you are placing the file in /etc/nginx/modules-available you need to add a symlink in /etc/nginx/modules-enabled .

What means create a file? What’s the name of this file?
I have no directory /etc/nginx/modules, should I create one?
I have /etc/nginx/modules-available but what means “add a symlink?”

It’s out of the jitsi handbook.

Thanks in advance

The name of the file is not important. Lets say its name is jitsi-meet.conf.

Create it as /etc/nginx/modules-available/jitsi-meet.conf and create a sembolic for it in /etc/nginx/modules-enabled to activate it

ln -s ../modules-available/jitsi-meet.conf /etc/nginx/modules-enabled

Don’t forget to change the https port in /etc/nginx/site-available/your-domain.conf

Hello @emrah ,
thx for the reply. I went through the steps, but now I have a connection error.

Connection error
Your device may be offline or our servers may be experiencing problems.
Any idea?
Best, Daniel

probably you have an error in your nginx config

/etc/init.d/nginx configtest

@emrah as always, thanks a lot. After going back through all the steps and trying again, it seems to work now.

Is there an easy check to see if it woks?

Add iptables rule on your jvb machine to disallow packet to port 10000 for the IP address where your browser is, then join a conference with 3 participants and with wireshark you can confirm you are sending only TCP packets to the servers.