Use TURN default server

Hi everybody, I installed Jitsi by Docker (version 5143-4-stable). I found that I have some problem with NAT and I need to setup a TURN server.
I see that in file .env have
When I check JVB logs, I found that port 443 here is 443/UDP, so it will map with {}
I check in that have TURN and TURNS server in the same domain name. Do any body know we can use these TURN there and how to config when install by docker or TURN enable by default?

TURN is authenticated, because it’s basically an open proxy server otherwise. You’ll need to set up your own TURN server if you need TURN, and set up mod_external_services in prosody to provide the short-lived credentials that the browser will use to access the TURN server.


Thank you for your answer. Can I install the turn server on the same machine that running Jitsi meet and JVB with the same domain name?

Yes, as long as the machine has sufficient spare cpu/mem and network resources for the TURN traffic you’re expecting.

I installed Jitsi by docker inside the symmetric NAT. I found that if TURN was installed in the same machine with JVB and Jitsi, they still all inside NAT and will not work, right? image

If you give the TURN server two listening/relay IPs (one private IP mapped through the NAT to a public IP and one private IP that is not mapped), I think this setup can be made to work.

Thank you for your answer! My Jitsi now can work with 2 people (inside the same wifi), so that means JVB is not working because of strict firewall blocking STUN?
I have enabled Jibri for live stream and recording. The recording is working but the live stream is not, from the Jibri logs I see the error: Connection time out to rtmp:// And it also relates to JVB?

If the recording works then this means that everything is OK on the jibri side.

Try to stream a recorded MP4 file to Youtube manually on the jibri machine. Probably you have a wrong stream key or network permission problem.

Thank you emrah for your answer. I have used rtmpdump to connect to youtube and got an error Connection timeout. I think the problem is from network permission. To live stream we need to open firewall to connect to port 1935 (protocol rtmp), right?

yes, the outgoing TCP/1935 must be allowed

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