Use the same certificate from a jitsi generated domain in another domain

It says “nginx restart failed” — you’ll need to look into why this is the case.

that line seems to give an error, is there an error with that directive, what should I move?

That might be the reason why it’s not restarting, but I don’t know.

Try removing the duplicated line and restart nginx and see?

ok, I have commented that line and I generate everything well, but I keep seeing the new domain without certificate
(It seems that I have already reached the maximum number of questions in the forum :frowning: )

You have the cert, so look into how nginx I’d handle traffic for that domain. What does it do with it?

Where can I see nginx traffic?

It’s more a case of looking at the config files.

Did you update the server name value with your second domain?

Where should I update that?

Line 6 of the config file you posted earlier. Put a space after the current domain, and add your second one. Make sure the line ends with the semicolon.

already added

Is there anything else I should check?