Use Statistics, How?

Hi everyone,

I installed a Jitsi server on Ubuntu 18.04. I use Jitsi Meet to have video conference in a frame of a Website.

Actually, I want to know if clients used this feature. Is it possible to enable Jitsi Mett statistics with Colibri or another option ? And how ?

Thank you for your help

Have you tried curl localhost:8080/colibri/stats on your server?
Maybe stats are already enabled?

You can find more information here:

Stats don’t seem to be enabled…

But Jitsi videobridge store stats according to Jitsi Meet usage ?

Thank you for your help, it’s done !

Seems, that new installations have the private stats (8080) disabled now by default, but the docs state, that is should be enabled by default: - Specifies the port for the private HTTP interface (or -1 to disable it). The default value is 8080.

Which is not true.

jetty is disabled by default now.
you can enable statistics by passing the “–api=rest,” value for JVB_OPTS option in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config file.


the config says:

# extra options to pass to the JVB daemon

So I assume its --apis= and not -api=. So I would end up with --apis=rest,?

yes sorry for the misspelling


Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for the point regarding jetty. I’d been troubleshooting a Colibri statistics problem – no obvious REST API, and jvb.log had some confusing messages – for quite a while, looking at Woodworker_Life’s tutorials, etc., when I came across some jetty settings for the videobridge2 config. I was about to start adding those to my config when I read this thread.

Instead I went back into jvb.log and eventually realised that the socket for the Cockpit Project service I’m running was clashing with it, on 9090/tcp; I stopped the service and I can now get stats via the REST API on 8080/tcp, as you say, with no additional settings. (Well, the previously-mentioned tutorial does suggest --apis=rest,xmpp and this doesn’t seem to break things.)

I also had to add these lines to /etc/jitsi/videobridge/

Without these, I could not access the status endpoint from anywhere but localhost.

well, that’s a different issue that the original one. Accessing statistics from anywhere should be done preferably through some tunnel or VPN since there is no authentication or encryption so it’s better not to set the options like you did IMO.

You are right, this access should probably only be allowed for those behind your firewall. If you don’t set these settings you will not even be able to access the stats from anywhere but localhost even if you are behind the firewall. If you want to build a system to get Jitsi stats and display them to administrators, these settings are needed. In my case, my Jitsi server is behind a firewall and a NAT and port 8080 is not accessible from the outside.

I added this info here because it is a related issue and I’m hoping this will save some time for those trying to set up a jitsi monitor.