Use of processor for one-to-one

Hello, do I understand correctly that for one to one meetings, the communication is directly between the persons speaking, without involving the server (during the call). Is that is correct?

Does that (only for one-to-one calls) mean it does not really matter how powerful the server should be, as it is only needed to start the call?

Also, does the location of the server in such case (only one-to-one meetings) matter.

In a 2-party communication on Jitsi, the connection is peer-to-peer. Although the server (bridge) is not really used to transport media in that instance, it’s still used (to exchange stats, for instance). If you’re just looking to host one-on-one meetings, you don’t need a high-spec-ed server (Jitsi as a whole is very light on server resources anyway). Server location will always matter so long as server resources are being used, to what extent though depends on several factors.

Thanks a lot!! But what server (how many cores) would I need to have 10 stable simultaneous 1to1 communications at a given time.

Also, what would be the effects of a weak server. Delayed statistics, or worse quality of sound and video.or delays?

And the same for server location. What would be the effect of a far away server location on the quality of a 2to1 call day between two persons in Tokyo with a server in New York compared to the same situation with a server in Tokyo.

Sorry for these questions, I am very new to jitsi…