Use multiple audio tracks within one call

Hello guys,

First I’d like to thank you for the amazing job you are doing with jitsi-meet.

I have successfully integrated Jitsi Meet API in a web app, a desktop app and a mobile app. The three works like a charm. :star_struck:

Though, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to add multiple audio tracks for one participant. I would like participants to be able to selection not one, but at least two microphones from their available devices.

Looks like it’s not possible to achieve this with Jitsi Meet API. Do you plan to make it available any soon? Or is there a feature that already exists using lib-jitsi-meet or something else?


Thanks for the kind words! :heart:

I don’t think we have plans for that. Can you give us some more details on your use case? Maybe there is a different way to achieve what you want.

Hey thanks for taking the time to answer.

I plan to share a microphone where I speak and another microphone in a stethoscope or a kind of health checking device. So that I and the person I call can listen to the stethoscope and chat at the same time.

I think I found a way. I’m just gonna open another JitsiMeetExternalAPI on the same page but in a hidden div. My new problem is that I can’t find a way to mute the output of this new discussion. There is an option “startSilent: true” that do that just well, but it also mutes the audio input, not really what I am looking for. I tried to put this option along with “startWithAudioMuted: false” but I still ends up audio input muted. Is there a miracle option or another way that I could use to disable the sounds from every other participants of the call, in this new JitsiMeetExternalAPI ?

Actually, I don’t need to receive any data in that new iframe. Neither the video nor the sound. I just want to send some audio and/or video data. As a desperate situation, I am thinking of destroying video and audio tags in the iframe, though I would have to do that again each time a new participant joins the call…