Use Media volume instead of in-call, and disable output sound on first load

Hi I am looking for 2 features

  1. On Android, it uses in-call volume instead of Media volume. And this in-call volume sometimes does’t get muted even if at its lowest volume tone. How do I transfer all in-call volume to media volume which is widely used in youtube, twitch, etc.

  2. A way to turn off output sound when first loaded. It is critical becuz users might navigate to different page with jitsi embed and kinda they might feel “hacked” when unwanted, unnoticed sounds coming out of their phones, pc. Also, if possible, I don’t want users to reload whole iframe or whole page for just turning on sound when a user press a button similar to “turn on output sound” stuffs.

Thank you.

This is not possible. A meeting is like a call, thus iis follows the call volume, you can’t completely mute a phone call.

You could use the external API to manually lower the volume of all remote participants.