Use jitsi server without video and audio conference

It may sound strange but I want to use jitsi server using Iframe API but without audio and video and any user interface.
Basically I need features of websockts and jitsi Id.
Use case is as follows.
I have developed custom application, where if users are about 70 I use jitsi VC.
If users are few hundereds I use streaming.
I have developed a custom solution based on jitsi participant Id and sendendpoint message to control single session login.( If a user is logged in and another user joins with same username, first one is disconnected)

So my requirement is even if I use streaming, I still want users to authenticate with jitsi by jwt and get jitsi Id and use some of APIs mainly sendmsg. But do not have any user interface of jitsi.

Is it possible?

IIUC you need a miss configured JVB. For example a JVB with a blocked UDP/10000

Thanks but I do not want any UI. Just want in background.