Use isHidden for authenticated user

Hello all. I am trying to do something similar to this: How to connect in hidden mode? but I’m having trouble figuring out exactly what files to edit with what options. Basically I want the meeting host to be hidden in the UI so that when he/she changes views he is followed but does not appear himself in the tile view. Can anyone guide me in this?

(I have a jitsi server and a jibri server set up using the basic install, and everything is working normally.)

Alright, so I figured out how to do it by creating a new virtualhost, creating a user with that host, and adding that host to the isHidden config. Now I have a new problem lol - Even though this guy is hidden and other users can’t see him, I can’t give him the moderator rights he needs to make everyone follow when he switches views which was the whole point of me doing this argh.
So: does anyone know if a hidden user can be simultaneously hidden and also have other users follow him? I enabled mod_muc_allusers but this doesn’t do the trick.
Interestingly, if I enable all the same plugins for the hidden virtualhost as for my main virtualhost it does give me moderator rights but also makes me unhidden. Is there a configuration that will work for me? Thanks in advance.

Can you provide the steps how did you do that?

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Can you provide the steps how did you do that? please @Timothy_Wright-Bodin

Any one else could provide the steps how did we do that ?

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Me too. Anyone help ? I have same problem, please ?