Use case: Moderator decide meeting mode for participants

Dear fellow Jitsi comrades.

Use Case: Moderator can decide what each participant can see on their screen:

  1. Only the moderator
  2. The moderator plus all other participants

Is this something that can be done with jitsit online or self-hosted server?


There is no such feature at the moment.

If you have your own server, you could try to adapt this trick
To have this as an options, you could try to use 2 different domains. It would be a bit clumsy though :frowning:
Edit: or possibly try to use the iFrame API way, in the same thread I linked to. It may even work with who knows ? No warranty.

Thank you for the reply. you have cleared my confusion!

Thank you very much for this pointer. Cheers.

Btw, Jitsi has “everyone follows me” feature.
Would this also work?

this is not hiding the participants to each other, it aims to have everyone see the moderator’s screen. It’s a presenter mode, yes. If the moderator chooses so, the other users won’t see anyone else. If the moderator displays another user, everyone will see this user. If the moderator switches to tile mode, the users will see each other though.

Thank you for this clarification. Is it possible for the teacher to be in “everyone follow me” mode while at the same time have a film strip displayed ?

the film strip is displayed in presenter mode.

If the moderator is in the presenter mode with “follow me” on, then would all participants see the film strip also?

Yes they would.