Use Brady Bunch layout by default


I was wondering if it is possible to create config key that will allow to set the video layout to Brady Bunch by default? like for example, config.useBradyBunch -> if its ture use Brady Bunch layout. can anyone give me direction on where to change so i can achieve this ?


You need to just set to true tileViewEnabled on startup in video-layout feature:


thanks @damencho really appreciate it :grinning:


@damencho Can you please tell me how to set tileViewEnabled in layout.
Can it be done in existing Jitsi meet setup ?

Thanks in advance


There is no such option currently, you need to download the source, modify it yourself and build and deploy the your custom jitsi-meet build.


Thank you @damencho
Can you please guide me in building the custom jitsi-meet


We see the Brady Bunch layout in When will we that version for download ?


It is available in the unstable branch. We will soon push it to stable.


Thanks a lot @damencho for the information