Use API in Delphi Android APP

Hey guys,
i need to integrate Jitsi in my android delphi project.
Any suggestion?

Hi, there,

I had a side project which is similar to your request.
Since I am EMBT MVP, I will share the project in GitHub and my Blog soon.

I used TWebBrowser and iFrame API of Jitsi to implemented the feature, and it works 98% of my expectation.

What I did is to have an Android app, which will receive FCM from server, the FCM message will contain a data Object, which brings jitsi meeting room Id, and when this app received the FCM message, the app brings up a rectangle with TWebBrowser and some controls.

While either user close the meeting room (I assumed the meeting room with 2 participants), the other one will close the meeting automatically. App will hide the rectangle, and return to the origin screen.

I guess that will fit most users’ and developers’ expectation, and if you have some more expecting features, please reply me, I will try to achieve it with pure Delphi, iFrame API.

Best Regards,

Hi Dennies,

That’s great, I’m glad for your answer, since I asked this question I managed to implement it in my Delphi project with IFrame.
But since then, when he opens the room, TWebBrowser doesn’t enable video and microphone permissions.
I’m using Delphi 10.4, if you have any tips what I can do to perform the release.
Thank you!