Use administrator password to gain rights in a jitsi room

Hey there,

I’m new to the jitsi universe and experimented with my environment a little bit. I am wondering if anyone could help me on how to setup the following goal:

  • I have a pattern for legitimate meeting IDs - entering one of them should join the room or open a new one with this ID. At the moment I’m doing this before even talking to Jitsi by sorting out requests with meeting IDs that don’t meet my requirements. I’m wondering if there is a better solution for this. This generally applies to all of my rooms.
  • For most of the rooms moderator rights are not required. I’m fine with granting them to the first person who joins or simply disabling them.
  • For some rooms I’d need an option to make myself a moderator by typing a password. So everyone who joins should be a participant but knowing a password (could be the same for all rooms) should give me an option to gain extra permissions (e.g. enabling the lobby).
  • Optionally these second type of rooms (not all rooms!) may stay a lobby until the first user makes himself a moderator using the password.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on this and ideas on how to build it.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum.

I’d recommend taking a loot at JWT Tokens. I think that will help your use case.