Use Accept-Language HTTPS header in order to set the user language of Jitsi Meet client?

Why is their a language preference into the Jitsi Meet web application ?
Why Jisti Meet doesn’t set the language according to user preference that the web browser already knows ?

Recently that was changed for default deployments I think. does not have this setting enabled.

Ok, in master branch of interface_config.js which age is 15 days I see :


However, set this variable to false.

Does it means hasn’t been updated since 15 days ? deployment uses a custom interface config. I will bring it to the team to enable it on next deployment.

I saw that provides language detection.
Then, why do you keep a language selector into the web application preference ?
I mean it would be more user friendly to use only the web browser preference instead.

I want to bring that topic up again, because I think it’s important. Still the selection of the UI-language can only be done once a meeting is accessed or when you go to the startpage of the instance. This is also the case with 8x8 Meet Pro. It would be good if there would be either a language detection (especially on the mobile site, where you choose, how you want to access the meeting) or you could choose directly on the page, before accessing the meeting, the language, that you want to use the UI with. That would be awesome.