Usage Statistics (COVID-19 related)

Hi all,

As many countries are moving to working from home, I thought it would be good to spin up an instance of Jisti Meet to help users connect to each other for work or social purposes.

I’m funding this myself by spinning up a VPS running Jisti meet. I’ve got it up and running. Now I want to know if anyone is using the service or I’ll shut it down.

I’ve seen some documentation about statistics which are meant to be available on localhost:8080. This doesn’t work and I don’t see any info about how to turn this on when using nginx instead of jetty. Please could someone point me in the right direction?

I’d like to see how many calls are going through my instance of jitsi meet, how long they are, how many participants etc.



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I did exactly the same. Did you manage to get some statistics?

Not at all. And no replies here, which is a shame. I would have thought that such a great project would have a more active community.

As far as i know there is no statisticspage at localhost:8080. What we did is created a free account (developer) at and then use the CallStatsID and CallStatsSecret and set them in /etc/jitsi/meet/-config.js file. In the beginning it takes a while but then the stats will show up. Fantastic tool. Free version only allows you to go back 24hours. Paid version is very costly but this works great for us. We let 3 Jitsi environments log to Callstats.

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