URL to meeting room asks ppl. to load app instead of running room straight away in browser

when I send invitation link (room link) to someone who is using iPad they claim they see a note to install and use an app instead of opening browser and opening my room.

From my understanding iPad devices running either FireFox, Safari or whatever should be able to direclty opening the link and opening my jitsi room. So why do they assume they have to load an app?

For quick meetings with strangers I discourage to install an app just for that but use browser option.

I do not know the specific content of that note but please can you make sure that whenever someone uses a link to open a jitsi room the link does really just that and not ask for app installation? That implies that jitsi will NOT run on their system WITHOUT app which is obviously wrong.

Thanks a lot if u could change this behaviour at startup of jitsi room.


When a person tries to open a meeting link (from meet.jit.si) on a mobile device, they get 3 options (paraphrasing):

  1. Open in app
  2. Download app
  3. Launch in browser

They can then choose to conti ue launching in the browser. The option to open in the mobile app is called DeepLinking and can be disabled if you host your own server.


Could you describe in more detail how to do this? So that when you open it on your mobile, you immediately open the WEB version without a request to install the APP. Thanks.



Thanks a lot for the link. I solved my question )))