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is it possible to send advance notice of a meeting url. I have not installed Jitsi, I am an end user not a computer speak person.

Yes, just use a unique link(that is hard to be guessed) and send it to someone.

Hello Ernodo. I am a 73-yr old first-time user, so please forgive my ignorance. I am trying to set up 10 video conferences—one for each of my monthly discussion groups. We are old folks and used to meeting in person, many of are are tech-phobic. But if I can create a url for each group, and just send it to that group’s moderator so they can each start their own video conference, we may be able to meet online for the duration of this confinement. Can you help by answering…
Where on the Jitsi platform do I create this unique link? Do I need to download any software first—a Jitsi app? Will the meeting participants need the software? Will we all need to open accounts.

You don’t need account or other software, just the browser. You can go to the main page https://meet.jit.si click join and it will pick few random words to construct a url, copy that and send it to the others.
Other option is to send a link that you come up with, but make it unique enough, like: https://meet.jit.si/DalePaulMeetingWithTheRestOfTheDiscussionGroupInApril1:slight_smile:
There is no moderator or anything, the first that will join will create the room, the last to leave and everything will be destroyed.

Thank you so much!!!

Oh, one more quick question. If I create a unique url for each of my monthly meetings, can I continue to use the same url every month? Or do they expire?

Nothing is saved, nothing to expire

So the unique url that I create can be re-used month after month? No need to create a different url for the meeting next month?

Seems the answer is - Yes.

thanks for your answers damencho, appreciate the forum. now to wait for larger numbers in the meeting room.

That is correct.

(If it’s important, just remember that it is not “your” room — if someone else happens to have started a meeting using the same name, they’ll be in that room when you come to use it.)

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That is correct

Thank you for confirming this!

When you go to start a meeting, if a meeting with that “unique” URL already exists, then you should get a warning that at meeting with that name is already in progress with the option to select a new name.