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hello, I’m creating a functionality in jitsi, which is to share a URL.
A person clicks the share URL button, this URL is generated an iframe. everyone sees the same iframe, but they don’t see what the main person is messing with in that iframe.

I needed help, I need everyone to see what the person is doing.

  return (<iframe id="sharedVideoPlayer" style={{width: '100%', height: '600px'}}  
        { ...this.getPlayerOptions() }
        ref = { this.playerRef }
        src="https://www.uol.com.br" />);

I have the same doubt

@saghul @damencho

Would you have an idea of how to implement the solution?

In the example it was using the Youtube IFRAME to open the URL

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Please, elaborate more … what does that mean?

If you want the other participants in the meeting to see what you see, you need to enable Follow me option.

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I’m using YoutubeVideoManager, I changed it to present in an iframe.

all participants see the iframe, but not me interacting on the screen.

Where do I enable Follow?

A you need to implement that. Get from the youtube API what you do with the video, send an event using sendCommand, and handle that on the remote side passing those changes to the local youtube video iframes.
Currently, it should be implemented for pause/play I think.

@damencho , I copied the exist function from youtube. I’m not using youtube.
I created an iframe that is a website and I would like everyone in the meeting to see me working on the website.


Why don’t you use the screen/browser tab sharing?

@emrah my dad requires like this, not sharing his computer screen, just sharing the website he wants to present.

That’s why you have share tab.


If you want to do it another way, you need to develop a protocol for communicating between clients and when the one that is controlling changes something … it sends the command and the other participants change it on their side or something like that, which is a lot of work and time consuming to implement the protocol and to implement it probably inside your iframe to be able to command it from outside … while you can just share it.

@damencho , How do I share a PDF with attendees?
them watching me move the PDF

Open the pdf and share the window or if you open in the browser tab, share the tab.