URL parameters to join Jitsi Meet with camera and or mic disabled


It would be handy to be able to join a conference with camera and or mic disabled if preferred - then the user could unmute it at their leisure. Does this exist? Something like:


Relatedly - coming soon is the ability to specify a parameter (hash) in the URL to enable the user to join a Jitsi Meet with a specified display name (see: Jitsi Meet - displayname via URL param?).

Use has params #config.something

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@damencho This is perfect - thanks. How can you specify multiple parameters at the same time? What would the delimeter be - &?


Is there an option to join a meeting without being visible as participant (for recording a session with an external screen capture tool)?

Hey! Thanks for pointing me this way. Do we know from which version onwards these type of parameters can be used?

Thanks in advance!


Check out this post… Many details on this subject:

Thanks @Corby. I get how it works. But I ve realized that it does work on some jitsi instances and not on others. This is related to the Jitsi version and that’s why I want to know starting from which version it’s available

@pyjon Passing params like that have been working for years now. If some particular config option is not working with some older versions that may be the case.
What config params do not work for you with some versions? Looking at blame or history of config.js can reveal when some param had been introduced.

Thanks @damencho. This is something you gave me a hint with. My original question was:
While using parameters such as:


I found that this works on some instances and does not on others:

https://meet.yapbreak.fr/IY1WHZZEO9KP3QWTHY6LWQWZ4G#userInfo.displayName="Jitsiboy" - WORKS
https://meet.nevers-libre.org/D8X5QV2FKL1I4P9GS8LWGBIPCK#userInfo.displayName="Jitsiboy" - DOES NOT WORK

And this repeats itself with the other remaining parameters.

Is there any way to know if this feature is available or not in advance before choosing an instance ?? And if so, starting from which version number.

No. Other than checking the instance version and knowing the version you need.

I don’t think this exist at all.

This was introduced in the beginning of April https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/pull/5834 but I search the code for it and found which commit introduced it … but if you use meet.jit.si you don’t need this as there is a prejoin screen where you can control mic and camera and input the displayname in advance.

Thanks @damencho