URL Paramaters for limiting video

Is is possible to use URL parameters to control fps or video resolution?

Much like you can add #config.p2p.enabled=false&config.disableAP=false&config.disableAEC=false&config.disableNS=true&config.disableAGC=true&config.disableHPF=true&config.stereo=true to change audio parameters?

Maybe? See where for the list of config params you can override:

my guess is not.
I posted in a thread about this problem, tried to ask a few Jitsi devs, got no answer. This lack of answer often means ‘it’s not possible’. And if it’s not possible in config.js, it’s not possible using URL parameters.
I have no idea why, maybe it has a relation to browser changes.
The only way of influencing Fps I have found on recent Jitsi-meet is (weirdly) with JVB parameters. But obviously you have to control the server to do that.

That’s too bad. I do have a self hosted server and somehow I am limiting fps in config.js. Upload speeds in my area are pretty dismal, as I imagine are my clients’ hardware, and limiting resolution and FPS is incredibly helpful in holding a stable connection. As I see fewer clients this way, I’m considering just using meet.jit.si.