Urgent: Update Jitsi Meet Now!


‪PSA: With Chrome 72 about to launch all Jitsi deployments need to be updated to the latest stable Jitsi package (3508) or your conferences will stop working! Update now: https://goo.gl/9C8ip2‬

PSA: New Docker images released!
Can't join meeting
Chrome Rel. 72 & Chromium OS 74 Internal Error

Hello, the link is not working. Could you please provide more information ? why All conferences will stop working with Chrome 72 ?


@hkhait This is the needed change: https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet/pull/830
And here is more information: https://webrtc.org/web-apis/chrome/unified-plan/ (Phase 3)


Hello. Any idea when the support for plan-b ( Phase 4 ) will definitely be removed ?


How does this affect clients build with the Meet SDK for Android and IOS?


It doesn’t, since the SDK only supports plan B.


We don’t know. Possibly in a year or so.


Thanks, that’s good to know. This will, however, be a problem when plan b is dropped (phase 4)?


It won’t, because we’d have transitioned to Unified Plan by then. We have a plan (pun intended). Feel free to bring it up in The Call today!


That does imply that all software that is built using the SDK is updated too, though. :slight_smile: (and rolled out to clients)


I’m shamelessly crossposting this PR here, which has now become somewhat critical to me. To be able to continue service my users in an updated platform, I’d love for that PR (or something to that effect) to land, and make its way downstream to the videobridge.


You surely always want to be on the Latest and Greatest, right? :slight_smile:

The change is pretty minor (as you can see in the original PR) so I think you’re better off patching your setup, if at all possible, rather than updating all components. The last stable release was done before October, but with the move and all we dropped the ball on making one earlier, so here we are. Sorry about that man.


Although the change is minor, maintaining a fork of libjitsi and all its descendants is definitely not. I’m not expecting an immediate stable release - but having that change reviewed, merged and passed on downstream would go a long away. As you said, it’s a pretty minor patch. #fosdemBeerBribeAvailable


Will the latest stable release of Jitsi work with the Unstable Release of Jibri? I dont find Jibri in the Stable Repository as yet


Yes, it will. Hopefully we can graduate jibri to stable soon.


Oh wow… That’s exciting…
I have a question as a newb to the Jitsi-meet and it’s ancillary systems world.
I’m only now beginning to grasp which modules preform which duties.
I have been hacking away at a customized deployment from source. (logo’s, texts, settings…) and thanks to the help of Saghul, and Damencho I have been able to finally get a system online and functioning properly.
While this upgrade news is exciting, it’s also terrifying since I am not sure what I’ll break while trying to get my deployment into compliance.
My question would be, how would I get my Jitsi-Meet install current without losing any of my current settings/customization’s?
I’m watching the latest community call referencing this change as I type so I’m not sure if this addressed yet


If you have modified the source code the best would be to keep a fork and apply the changes on top. If you only changed configuration stuff then you should be ok.

pinned globally #19


Yeah, basically only made customizations like the landing page and branding. No code changes have been made beyond these.

If you don’t mind explaining, What would be the proper procedure to update to the latest?
Thank you and I assure you, I really do appreciate the info.
Try to remember that I’m not a developer, but I am a goon with just enough smarts to follow really good directions.


You can always have your custom images, logo, favicon files, etc. as custom locations in the nginx config, pretty much the same way as the config.js is. Take a look at the server section in the nginx config.
When you have these custom locations, package updates won’t break your branding.
Beware to not break something, though, and if you want to change js files, it’s a good idea to always check what’s updated there. So basically use this way to “pin” files for more than simple branding (images etc.) only if you really know what you are doing.