Urgent! Server requirement!

Can anyone tell me the server requirement(CPU, Memory, network card speed) of hosting 10,000 one-on-one meetings?

Thanks in advance!

2 shards, to be on the safe side - use 5 to 10 bridges on a shard and have two or three turn servers. Use 8 core and 8 GB ram for each machine with high bandwidth network.

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Thanks! It is one-on-one meeting(only 2 people per meeting), means the video data should be transferred directly between the 2 people like P2P. why will it still cost so much resources?

And how many one-on-one meetings can a server (8 cores, 8GB RAM, 1G port speed) handle at same time?

You cannot guarantee that a direct connection is always possible, you need sometimes a tuurnserver.

One such shard with 10 bridges can handle up to 5000 participants.

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Thanks again!

Can you give me an idea that how many one-on-one meetings one server(For example, 8G RAM, 8 CPU, 1gb port) can handle at the same time without using any bridge and P2P is enabled as I don’t know how to set up bridge yet?

I’m not sure, it is hard to predict.
You need a bridge, installing jitsi-meet installs, and the bridge.
So if you install jitsi-meet by default it comes with 1 bridge and a turn server. And if you have a 1GB connection to the machine and assume you can utilize 500Mb/s from the connection and 500/3.5(Mb/s for HD stream) ~ 143 participants. I would guess 200-300 participants are possible to squeeze with that one turn server and you will not be safe that if all need a turn server you will have the resources(bandwidth) for it.

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Thanks again!

My solution is set up multiple standalone meeting server, and evenly distribute meetings to multiple servers. For example, each turn server. can handle 200 participants at the same time with 1gb port, then I won’t run more than 100 one-on-one meeting on one server.

Will that work? same as using bridge? Also, if I lower the video quality then will greatly increase how many participants can one server handle ?


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:slightly_smiling_face: Thank you very much, will try it and see how it goes.