Urgent Problem with last update

This is not a real problem with my implementation, its a comment about lastest versions.

HI @damencho!!
I have a running version of jitsi/jicofo/jibri/videobridge/tokens/jigasi, distributed with 10 videobridges, 20 jibris. the videobridges are sending stats via pubsub and all run perfect

Yesterday I started to install a new versions in test servers with the last version of jitsi, jicofo, videobridges following quick-install in my ubuntu 18.04, and all was ok (Prosody, Jicofo and jvb in the same server). But when I tryed to add a new jvb from another server, its fail… I tryed to add it copying the config from my running servers but without success (chnageing all the necesary configs )… the problem allways was the same, jvb doesnt send pubsub stats and data to prosody via 5347 port… The nee jvb register successfully to the prosody but didnt send data to pubsub. Jicofo doesnt know about the new jvb neither… So I downgrade the version of my jvb and I started to see the FINE pubsub packets sending from jvb to prosody… but jicofo till doesnt detecting the ne jvb. So I start to scan networking between jicofo and prosody and I realize that jicofo doesnt send data to prosody neither… So… I decide to uninstall jicofo too and and install the older running version I have in my running servers, keeping the config files intact “/etc/jitsi/jicofo/" and "/etc/jitsi/videobridge/” magically all start to work perfect.

I dont know what was the real problem… but I can say that the lastest version doesnt send data to prosody when you change jvb to publish pubsub info to prosody. I used the original config (all directory) files from newer jicofo and jvb to the older version… so I thnks its not a config problem… I also saw that with newer versions the databse of pubsub component doesnt generate in /var/lib/prosody/DOMAIN/pub_sub/*.dat

these was my versions first installed:

jitsi-meet-prosody/stable,now 1.0.4289-1
jitsi-videobridge2/stable,now 2.1-273-g072dd44b-1
jicofo/stable 1.0-612-1

after the downgrade:

jitsi-meet-prosody/stable,now 1.0.4289-1
jitsi-videobridge2/stable,now 2.1-183-gdbddd169-1

Sorry for my poor english… but I needed to post it cose it took me a log time…

Pub sub support had been removed, right @Boris_Grozev?

OK! perfect! thnks @damencho

How can I balance multiple jvb now? or where can I learn about changes?

Use muc


In your /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties

See this guide: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/wiki/jitsi-meet-load-balancing-installation-Ubuntu-18.04-with-MUC-and-JID