URGENT - Low image quality after update

Hey, one question: is the latest version 5076 working for you at all?

It would be so great if you could post your configuration files (prosody, jicofo, jvb & web) here! I know it a bit of work, but I cant get the Docker version working at all. Would be so great :slight_smile:

I don’t even know how to check what version I have… How do you do it?

What Docker-Image are you using? latest would be pretty brave … :laughing:

I just checked my yml file and it calls “jitsi-latest” everywhere.
I was told that docker images are held-back a few versions vs the bare-metal deploy.

I pulled the image last week I think for the last time…

So you are probably using the latest. I would recommend to manually select the latest version in production! E.g. since 5076 (as you probably noticed) your settings get overwritten on every boot. New images can come with breaking changes so your deployment crashes.

Anyway, you got the latest version up and running. So config-files would be pretty cool! :slight_smile:

I made a complete “jitsi-rebrand” script that crushes all those presets :slight_smile:
I will need to check with my boss if I can share it.

Also, most presets don’t get overwritten, they are on permanent storage (interface_gonfig.js and config.js)

That setup worked for me, thanks