URGENT - Low image quality after update

@jallamsetty I updated using “apt update” - I assumed that should have updated everything for me. Is there a better way to update?

@Normand_Nadon - Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll have to do the same. Can’t believe I’ve been running an outdated config file all this while… lol

From what I have read in multiple posts in the past, the “safest” way to update is to backup your configs, “apt purge” jitsi and reinstall completely ! Then you re-populate your config files…

I was considering making a script to repopulate my files, but manual oversee seems like a better choice because many settings have changed lately.

FYI, this is one reason why source control such as Git, along with a file merging utility, can come in really handy. There are GUI Git clients as well.

I know… I need to setup a better developing environment on my PC…
I have VS-Codium, connected to our github instance, but this is still new territories for me :expressionless:

I’m thinking “apt update” should take care of the rest. The config files are the ones that would need to be manually updated. I had to do that for interface_config.js (because I immediately noticed customizations were missing after I updated), but I didn’t think config.js had changed too. I think your method of just manually comparing and editing is probably safer.


@Normand_Nadon, I think you’ll find this topic helpful:

@Normand_Nadon, your issue - not being able to receive 1080p is fixed in the tip of master - https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/commit/39af6f59435063fe9d8c0a13b2270325baf80a38

Thanks for the tip… I will have a look at it…
BTW, Actually, Simulcast is completely broken… Whatever I do, when it is enabled, there is no way that the quality increases with the connection… It is un watchable…

Also, I find this funny that jitsi is calling 1080p “ultra”… 1080p is Full HD, not ultra HD !

Do you know if these changes are also in the Docker version?
Our latest install is on docker and we might switch everything on docker later…

@Normand_Nadon If you had paid attention to the commit you would have noticed that Jitsi added support for resolutions up to 4K which is Ultra HD and therefore this change automatically fixes your case.

So the docker commits include this modification?

I have to say, Jitsi is not my full-time job! I run an IT and technical service by my own in a startup, and we include conferencing as a complementary service for remote training purposes… I can’t find time to read all the commits in the Jitsi Repos so I missed that. Also, I am very new to git and git-hub, so I am not yet comfortable navigating in it…

That being said, simulcast is still broken. None of my instances have it activated as quality NEVER increases higher than minimum when in use… Is there a firewall port to be opened to monitor bandwidth and auto-increase?

No docker releases are not nightly, it won’t have this patch yet. You will have to wait until the next docker release.

Thank you.

I’ve opened a topic maybe concerned to yours: Videoquality always limited to 180x320

Any news here, yet? Or is simulcast still somehow broken for you?

I cannot activate Simulcast, It plainly does not work. Video quality is pinned down to whatever lowest setting I have in the config.

Would you happen to know if there are particular ports to open for the bridge to detect the capacity of the connexion ? I don’t quite understand the way it woks behind the scenes… I just know it does not work when set in the config.

I’m not very familiar with these things, too. Have you checked my post already?

Hey, one question: is the latest version 5076 working for you at all?

It would be so great if you could post your configuration files (prosody, jicofo, jvb & web) here! I know it a bit of work, but I cant get the Docker version working at all. Would be so great :slight_smile:

I don’t even know how to check what version I have… How do you do it?

What Docker-Image are you using? latest would be pretty brave … :laughing: