URGENT: JITSI MEET - The same participant is snown multiple times on the screen

Hi, I have several issues with the use of Jitsi Meet.

  1. First of all, it has happened to one participant that the window with his name was shown on the screen 6 times/8 times.
  2. The participant does not see other participants who have joined the call - only black screen appears.
  3. After clicking on the Leave button, the microphone turns off, nothing else happens.

Thanks a lot for any help!

Is this on the official https://meet.jit.si/ site or another installation somewhere else?

If it is another installation, you might have to check the notes on advanced configuration.

This is old but I thought I’d check in. I have the same problem using the iframe api. I think it might be that I’m destroying the iframe before waiting for “readyToClose”. Could that be related?

My use case is described in my blog post. Basically I’m trying to move participants among breakout rooms and occasionally I’m seeing this problem. Today I’m going to try to wait for “readyToClose” to see if it helps but it’s hard to test, unfortunately (I need lots of people in the room to see it).

1- This is an issue with prosody,
follow this [How to] How do I update Prosody?
after update your prosody you jitsi will not show “ghost” screens.

2 and 3 issues… these are new to me, but i sugest you update prosody and your jitsi server, try again and share the results here

I still haven’t even checked my Prosody version, but my update to ensure that I wait for “readyToClose” every time I programmatically hangup someone seems to have worked. On Wednesday I generated ~5 ghosts without waiting for that (in a meeting with ~25 people constantly being put in other breakout rooms) and today I had no ghosts after implementing that check.