Urgent help trying to connect to a SIP server in Brazil for a Non-Profit

Hi everyone. I’m going to try to explain what is happening and hope someone can help me, but I’m not a tech person, so bare with me.

I’m volunteering for a wonderful non-profit in Brazil which provides emotional support over the phone for people who are struggling and thinking of committing suicide. The calls are answered by volunteers all around Brazil through Jitsi.

At the moment however, I am in Canada on a business trip and unfortunately the Jitsi app on my computer is not connecting to the SIP server of the institution.

First, I was told I needed to install a VPN service and set it to Brazil in order for the connection to work. I signed up and installed Express VPN and then it actually worked! Jitsi went online and the calls came through.

A few days later however, it stopped. Now it won’t connect anymore. It keeps saying connection error. The volunteers from the institution don’t know why. The VPN service I contacted also told me they don’t know why because they tested everything and it seems to be fine.

Does anyone have any idea of what could be happening and how it could be fixed?

It’s really important for me that this works. :frowning:

The non-profit institution is www.cvv.org.br if you want to have a look.

Thanks so much. Camila