URGENT HELP: simplified jitsi for video calls with confined seniors (without digital background)

From the Technical University of Madrid the TechPeopleCare group has been working in developing countries for reducing the digital gap (www.techpeople.care). Actually we are also working in developed countries for helping senior people to use the new technologies.
The dramatic current situation of confinement is keeping us isolated each other but everybody is connected due to the smartphones with their relatives. Everybody except seniors without digital background that are confined in their houses or isolated in hospitals without being able to see the faces of their family.
Searching for free software to solve this problem I have make viral in Spain a video to help people use jitsi to be connected with this seniors:
https://youtu.be/cfMVfjv92xg (it is in Spanish)
It is an emergency solution but it is not enough. The reality is that a senior without digital background touch by mistake any option of the phone and open a menu that he/she doesn’t understand and become lost without being able to go back to the desktop to use the video call again.
My request for jitsi developers is:

  • To develop a variant of the tool jitsi simplifying all the additional characteristics (just prune all the nice facilities and leave just video-call in a room)
  • The idea is to reduce the possibility o selection of the user to make it almost impossible for a user to achieve a non desirable menu or option where the senior people get lost.
    From our experience with digital illiterate people we have very clear the reduced functionalities that are needed and the causes of confusion for them that should be prune. I offer myself to collaborate with the developers in the definition of the simplifications needed.
    Since we have started our campaign (due to COVID-19 confinement) to help people to connect with their digital illiterate senior relatives jitsi is helping many families due to its simple use. Unfortunately, it is not simple enough for our seniors less familiar with technology. We think that with the help of jitsi developers it could be possible to have available a simplified app based on jitsi (jitsimple for example :slight_smile: ) that could connect isolated seniors without digital background with their families in this hard situation that we are all living.
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We created videollama.me for your request


Afraid I don’t speak Spanish, but it’d be fun to know how this turns out.

Hi, we are a small group of people now contributing in this issue, with different backgrounds. Some in digital literacy and usability limitations of seniors, others in web applications, free software,… trying Android native… all contributions are welcome.
You can directly check what we have developed at videollama.me, write us to hola@videollama.me and you are welcome to the team. Basically, people can create a jitsi room with 9 digits (we suggest to use the phone number of the senior person that they want to communicate to by video call). Then we suggest to create a link at the desktop at the senior’s phone and then that person (even without digital background) will be able to access the video call with their relatives by only two touches with the finger.

By now it is used to connect senior people at Spain during the confinement and the feedback is very good. We plan to translate the web into English soon.


I am delighted to introduce :green_heart: http://easyvideocall.me, a video call service suitable for senior users and people struggling with IT.
This user-friendly, free and safe Videocall web service is brought to you by the TechPeopleCare group (techpeople.care) from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and also thanks to the selfless work of free software developers from the Jitsi project. We were moved by the need of our seniors and other people struggling with technology to see their relatives during cocooning at home, nursing homes or hospitals. We managed to create this service to simplify the process.
All collaboration is welcome (translation, development, design, social networks management, …)
Contact: hi@easyvideocall.me