Urgent Help needed - meeting instance showing - You are the only one in the meeting

i installed a fresh copy of jitsi meet with JWT using

ubuntu 20.04
everything given as per the documentation.
Now when i create a link every user getting as
‘You are the only one in the meeting’

i searched but not found any solution. i am trying the jwt auth around 2 weeks. Please help me.

It’s hard to tell what could be going on without logs. But frankly, my recommendation would be to start over. You’re doing 2 things at the same time (installing Jitsi and implementing JWT tokens). When things go wrong, it’s harder for you to debug; easier to focus on one first, get it working fine, then move on to the next. So instead, use the Quick Install Guide, get Jitsi up and running fine (make sure you can successfully host a meeting with 2 participants and then 3 participants). When you’ve confirmed everything works fine, then move on to implementing JWT Tokens.


After a working JMS, try these steps to add JWT support

Thanks Freddie, I will try with this.

@Freddie and @emrah
Thanks for the support. Now everything got up and running

Jwt Token Creation Example
“alg”: “HS256”,
“typ”: “JWT”

“context”: {
“user”: {
“avatar”: “https:/gravatar.com/avatar/abc123”,
“name”: “John Doe”,
“email”: “jdoe@example.com
“aud”: “jitsi”,
“iss”: “”,
“sub”: “”,
“room”: “kickoff-meeting”

give your secret in the jwt

i found that guest joining is not possible with given documentation. So every user using the same URL with jwt ,Changing the Modirator user every time a new user joined.

any suggession for this. @emrah @Freddie