Upgrading the jitsi server to the latest release

We need to upgrade the Jitsi server to the latest release. At the same time we need to upgrade nginx from 1.18 to 1.20. How can we upgrade them? when I upgrade the Jitsi, will nginx upgrade automatically? or do I need to upgrade it seperately? could you please explain the procedure of upgrading them?
thanks and regards

jitsi has several dependencies on each version. I would not recommend doing it on a server that does not use docker because you might break the system, for example the latest versions of jitsi use java 11 instead of java 8, and among others. I would recommend using docker, with a few simple commands you can turn on how to turn off the server, also create current versions as old versions. You can play with the parameters for your customization.

But if you want to work on it, you may have to uninstall the version you have and update, but you always have to take into account how many versions you want to advance, remember that there are errors in each one that you may have if you are in production, unexpected problems will occur. Check your versions in case you want to return at some point to the version you have with the following:

dpkg -l | grep jitsi

And to install new or old versions you have to take into account the list of versions that you can find here:


Hopefully you achieve what you want to do, comment on anything.