Upgrade to Jitsi Desktop 2.11.5615 on MacOS 10.13: wiped all XMPP accounts, new accounts not possible

Dear All,
I am very happy that Jitsi Desktop received a major upgrade, which I applied today.
However, all my XMPP accounts vanished, and it was not possible to create new (already registered) one (see error message below), I am currently on Java8. Any ideas?
best greetings, please keep Jitsi Desktop alive! MS

at net.java.sip.communicator.plugin.jabberaccregwizz.JabberAccRegWizzActivator.getJabberProtocolProviderFactory(JabberAccRegWizzActivator.java:138)
at net.java.sip.communicator.plugin.jabberaccregwizz.JabberAccountRegistrationWizard.signin(JabberAccountRegistrationWizard.java:336)
at net.java.sip.communicator.plugin.jabberaccregwizz.JabberAccountRegistrationWizard.signin(JabberAccountRegistrationWizard.java:226)
at net.java.sip.communicator.impl.gui.main.account.AccountRegSummaryPage.commitPage(AccountRegSummaryPage.java:192)
at net.java.sip.communicator.impl.gui.customcontrols.wizard.WizardController$PageCommitThread.run(WizardController.java:156)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)

Yes, can confirm!! Jitsi 2.11.5615 is also broken in Ubuntu Bionic 18.04!
Revert to 2.11.5614 to workaround. Do not forget to lock version with Synaptic in Ubuntu.

Note: If you do not touch your config, everything will be fine again in 2.11.5614.

I could downgrade to 5.11.5611, everything ok again, hopefully these issues can be fixed.

Will be fixed in build 5616.

Jitsi 5616 is working again on MacOS - thank you very much for quick fix!

Question: is there any chance that the OMEMO support (which was already together with OpenPGP implemented into smack library by Paul Schaub) will be included into Jitsi Desktop?

It seems primarily license issue (GPL vs Apache) and probably also lack of human resources for this timely XMPP feature…
best greetings, MS

That’s correct.

Any possible solution for the license issue?

Sorry, I’m not aware of any solution to that.
Maybe the only option is someone to work to make this support pluggable and who wants to use it to download a jar place it in pre-defined place and on next restart it will start working. So no GPL code will be distributed by Jitsi … but yeah, I’m not sure about that and how big of an effort is making it pluggable.

Bugs still present in 2.11.5617 on Debian Buster.
New XMPP accounts not possible.
Sometimes all XMPP contacts are lost.

@jit send logs, please.