Upgrade safe customisations

I apologise in advance if this has been covered before but after a lot of searching I couldn’t find a clear answer.

I’m running Jitsi self-hosted and it’s working well.

I’d like to make a few basic customisations that are going to be upgrade safe. For example:

  1. Change the watermark image
  2. Change the favicon
  3. Change the welcome (home) page text “Secure, fully featured… etc”

I have made these modifications with no trouble but I’m not sure if my changes will be lost if I upgrade. Could anyone help me by clarifying the correct way to handle these customisations so that if I upgrade Jitsi in future they won’t be overridden/lost?


Keep up the great work - Jitsi is amazing :slight_smile:

Just add explicit custom locations for the images, css files, etc. (the ones you change) in nginx:

location = /images/watermark.png {
    alias /etc/jitsi/meet/mydomain.example.com-watermark.png;

And then of course put the custom files in the appropriate filesystem paths.
Also remember that if you use this to change some more important files (like index.html or js files in libs etc.) you may break some features on upgrades. But for static data files it’s ok.

Perfect, thanks!