Updating a custom Jitsi-meet application

I am considering building a custom Jitsi application. I am in the stage of reviewing the source code, and determining if the features I need are going to be easy to integrate into a Jitsi-meet.

One major question that I have is about updating a custom version of the application. Is there an easy way to incorporate update into a custom version? Has anyone done this before?

Would I have to branch the main Jitsi GitHub repo and the pull over a re-base each time I want to update with the base, and then manually edit any conflicting changes?

Thanks for any assistance in understanding this process.

Most probably yes. But it always depends what you want to modify.
Many of the features/buttons can be disabled through configuration.

Hi, thanks for your response. If I go forward with a customization, It will be for a school and I think I will need to include many custom components.

Is there any detailed documentation on Jitsi that outlines a reference guide for all the components?

If you refer to jitsi-meet, there is doc how to build web and mobile, but no other documentation other then documented source code.

can i get the documentation to build the web and mobile ?


You can find it in the repo