Update to 2.0.8194-1 stable: Can't create conferences no more

I’ll give a more thorough read, but for being a simple solution it seems quite convoluted to me.
I’m using lemonldap, and it provides saml, cas and oidc.
Is there a simpler solution that can use any of those SSO methods and still work for guest users?
The keycloack integration from @emrah seems simpler, but I don’t like the fact that it overwrites body.html (that will be undone in the next apt-get upgrade, I already have to do some nasty tricks to patch the css and I’m not very comfortable with that).

A simple nginx rule like the one for config.js that already exist can sole that.

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I now see that body.html is empty. If that’s guaranteed to be always so, then, yes, that’s not a problem.

body.html is to allow Jitsi admins to add their customizations. The standard features/codes are in the bundle file.

Right, thank you.
Do you think that to adapt your integration to lemonldap it’s just a matter to change the harcoded keycloak URLs? (I’m not sure if keycloak it’s just an oidc provider or something else).

Keycloak has other features too (such as identity management) but our project uses it only as an OIDC provider.

Keycloak has a redirection mechanism while checking authentication. I have no idea how is the flow in lemonldap case. If the flows are similar, the project may adapt after some minor updates.

This should fix the problem. Can someone test and confirm?

I’ve just tested with the latest unstable relase jitsi-meet 2.0.8241-1 on a test box and Shibboleth is working. Thanks a lot for the fix.

I guess that the fix is temporary though, shibboleth authentication is still planned to be removed, right?