Update the recording file name in Jibri


Hi @damencho,

Is it possible to customize the recording filename in Jibri? I want to combine some unique ID with the current format like roomname_timestamp_uniqueID. Is it possible to send ID from jitsi to jibri?
Or else is it possible somehow I can get the timestamp so I could store it for further reference?


Can’t change the filename (without modifying the source) I’m afraid. Its format is defined here


Is it possible to send ID from jitsi to jibri and then use that value in the mentioned file? I’ll try to modify the source.


That’s not currently possible, no.


Okay. need to think for another way. thank you @bbaldino


u can use the finalize_recording.sh to update the filename…


Yeah that’s a good idea! The finalize script gets invoked with the path to the directory where the recording is stored and you can do whatever you want there.


Thanks @Tanvir & @bbaldino,

We already did this. But problem is, we also need new file name at Jitsi server, Jitsi and Jibri both are running on separate server. So using finalize_script we can give new name, but How we can know this name at Jitsi side?



What is it you’re trying to achieve? Why do you want to know the filename?


u can run a micro service using node.js to achieve it or if you have a existing rest api then just include it…not sure that’s what i would do…