Update JitsiMeetConferenceOptions during Call ANDROID


is there a way to change the JitsiMeetConferenceOptions object during the call

why am I looking for that?
i have a samsung tablet that causes exceptions when i shut down and i restart the camera, so i have eliminated all the options in order to avoid the exceptions that crash my application

in passing I placed another view above that of JitsiMeetView and that way we intercept the events of the screen

I’ll just need to restart the camera and mute the microphone sometimes, so my solution for the moment is to do this every time we want to change an option during the call

if (testModelDevice){

 VideoConferenceFragment.oldOptions = VideoConferenceFragment.builder.setVideoMuted(true).build();

as you can see, each time I stop the call I take options, I change the parameters and I restart a new call , it’s take 1-2 secs and not very clean

there is no other Solution ?